A&D GF Series Precision 210G - 8100G

Model: A&D GF Series 210G-8100G

Fast measurements and high precision make the GF ideal for bench-top and automated use. With its performance, robust design and minimum maintenance cost, the GF also finds use in OEM and automated systems. The GF Series offers larger pan sizes and higher capacities beyond the FX-i Series. Balance ID Number, quick reference card attached, underhook capability, density mode, comparator function, counting mode and % mode.

Please Choose:
5" x 5"7" X 7"
1100g x 0.001g1210g x 0.01g2100g x 0.01g210g x .001g3100g x 0.01g310g x 0.001g4100g x 0.01g410g x 0.001g6100 X 0.1G6100g x 0.01g610g x 0.001g8100g x 0.1g810g x 0.001g
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