Cardinal - Detecto T Series 8" & 10.5" Dial

Model: Cardinal - Detecto T Series

Detecto’s T series top-loading dial come in a large variety to choose from to suit your exact needs. Platform sizes include 9 x 9, 11.5 x 11.-5 and 13 x 13-inch and can be either stainless or chrome-plated steel. A dual-reading 8 or 10.5-inch dial allows for ease of use, displaying measurements in kilograms and pounds simultaneously. An easy-to-clean enamel finish, sturdy construction, stability, convenient viewing angle, and easy readability make these attractive top loaders an ideal choice for your weighing needs. Many different capacity options are available to choose from.

Please Choose:
13" x 13"9" x 9"
11 LB110 lb200 lbs22LB50 Lb
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