Cas Enduro DXL Series 2LB - 200LB

Model: Cas Enduro DXL Series

Shipping Weight: 13lbs

CAS "Quad Spring" Enduro design provides the best in shock and static overload protection. Choose from a wide variety of CAS Enduro bases, with sizes ranging from 10" x 10" to 15" x 15" and capacities from 2 lbs to 200 lbs. All CAS Enduro bases are supplied with an integral load cell mechanical overload stop located directly underneath the load cell.

Please Choose:
10" x 10"12" X 12"15" x 15"
2 lb x .001 lb5 lb x .001 lb10 x 0.005 lb25 lb x .01 lb50LB X .01LB
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