Model: Adam PTM500 Drum/Wheelchair

Shipping Weight: 115lbs

The PTM platform scale features a low-profile base and easy-access ramps on both sides, offering smooth transitions from the floor to the platform. Suitable for use in warehouses or medical facilities, the PTM is ideal for checking the weight of wheelchair occupants, barrels and drums, or loaded dollies.Its diamond plate surface provides good grip and a solid, steady weighing area. Handles and wheels enable easy portability in a warehouse or medical facility. The PTM is available with the GK indicator or AE 402 indicator, offering a range of features and functions. The GK indicator allows a numeric tare value to be entered, while the AE 402 is IP66 rated for dusty and wet environments.

Please Choose:
29.9" x 22.8"
1100 lb x .2 lb
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