Adam GBK Bench Series 16LB - 260LB

Model: Adam GBK Bench Series

Shipping Weight: 20lbs

Durable and flexible, GBK bench scales provide a superb value for businesses that need a scale to perform multiple functions. GBK is well-suited for use on production floors, at bakeries, in shipping and receiving operations, at wholesale operations, and even during auctions. All GBK models feature a full numeric keypad and checkweighing lights to simplify operation. Approved GBK models are suitable for use in trade settings where goods are sold by weight.

Please Choose:
11.8" x 15.7 "
130 lb x 0.005 lb16 lb x .0002 lb260 lb x .01 lb35 lb x .001 lb70 lb x .002 lb
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