Weigh-Tronix Weighline Railroad Track Scale

Model: Weigh-Tronix 80,000lb x 300lb

Shipping Weight: 1250lbs

Train scales and Rail scales

Rail weighing is crucial in virtually every aspect of rail operation, from monitoring product deliveries to avoiding overloading penalties. Some of the reasons for weighing rail cars and wagons include:

To invoice clients for the amount of product shipped
To ensure your shipper isn’t overcharging
To determine the weight of cars and wagons to collect freight revenue
To avoid overloading and avoid eccentric loading, which can damage cars, wagons and rail infrastructure and lead to derailments
To minimize high impact loads, especially at track discontinuities like track joints, turnouts and crossings
We offer a range of accurate, affordable and robust train and rail weighing scales. From simple static systems which weigh single rail cars to bespoke dynamic systems for weighing full trains in motion.

Standard systems provide an axle capacity of 80,000lb (40,000kg) and are suitable for weighing maximum car weights os 320,000lb (160,000kg).  Each individual rail section measures 5' 10", has a capacity of 40,000lb (20,000kg) and is pre-drilled to accept standard rail joint brs or compromise bars at installation. Weighline sections are available in rail sizes from 85lb to 175lb.  Consult factroy for pricing on special rail sizes or lengths.

The E1310 Indicator is recommended, but not included.  Weighline specific software for static applications is available at no charge for the E1310 indicator.

Please Choose:
80,000lb x 300lb
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