Adam MDW Digital/Mechanical Physician

Model: Adam MDW Digital/Mechanical

Shipping Weight: 31lbs

With heavy-duty construction and functionality, MDW health and fitness scales offer an affordable solution for medical facilities, and provide practical features for school locker rooms and fitness centers. All MDW scales feature an adjustable height rod for precise height readings. The MDW 300L is a digital scale that calculates body mass index measurement, and features wheels for easy mobility. The affordable MDW 250L is digital with built-in battery.

The MDW 160M is a mechanical scale with wheels and a notched counter weight that clearly shows the weight.

Please Choose:
10.8" x 14.8"15" x 11"
350 lb x 0.2 lb440LB X 0.2LB550 X 0.2 LB660lb x .1lb
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