Brecknell 405 Electronic Bench 12LB & 30LB

Model: Brecknell Electronic Bench

Shipping Weight: 7lbs

The 405 general purpose scales offer exceptional
value for your money. The 405 is very versatile, quickly
changing from one application to another. The stainless
steel platter is removable making it easy to clean. The
red LED makes for easy readability in any indoor lighting
condition. Included is a rechargeable internal battery
with an auto off feature to preserve the life of the battery
between charges.
The base is constructed of ABS plastic, which provides
outstanding protection for daily usage and helps to lock
out moisture.
The 405 features selectable lb, kg, gram, oz, lb/oz units
and a tare feature. With a resolution of 1 g / 0.002 lb
for the 6 kg / 12 lb model and 2 g / 0.005 lb for
the 15 kg / 30 lb the 405 general purpose scales are
accurate for any general weighing application.
A wipedown plastic cover comes standard to protect
the display, keyboard and housing from dust and food

Please Choose:
8.5" X 9.5"
12LB X 0.002 LB30LB X 0.005LB
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