Rental Division

Quality and precision with high-performance weighing scales that fulfill your immediate needs.


  • Bench Count Scales
  • Bench Count/Weighing Scales
  • Dual Platform Counting Scales
  • Electronic & Mechanical Crane Scales
  • Floor Count/Weight Scales
  • Portable Beam Count/Weighing Scales
  • Portable Count/Weight Scales
  • Warehouse Weighing Scales

For Short-Term Inventory, Analysis And Control

For Short-Term Inventory, Analysis And Control, choose from a wide range of balancing, weighing and measuring rental options.

Careful Investment.

Whether starting a new, replacing, or upgrading, rent a weighing scale system before you buy to help you make informed decisions. Rentals also can help keep your business running smoothly during the transition.

Certified, Trained Technicians.

Certified, Trained Technicians have the know-how to help train your operators on the spot.

Fully Licensed And Bonded Technicians.

Fully Licensed And Bonded Technicians carry maximum liability insurance.

Consider Your Options.

Counting scales, force measurement gauges, material testing equipment, and weighing scales are among the many products available. Acme consultants will assist you with your business analyses to help you make well-informed decisions while providing you with state-of-the-art equipment.