About Us

Acme (ak' me): pinnacle, height of precision.

Since opening our doors in 1909, Acme began a legacy in the weighing industry. Our philosophy of quality, integrity, reliability and precision remains the foundation of our business. As technology advanced, from mechanical to electronic equipment, Acme anticipated, educated and developed solutions to meet changing customer needs. Our reputation grew as a fast, dependable supplier of industrial scales and balances. Today, with customers in virtually every industry, the company has established a national presence as one of the largest, most reliable sources for weighing systems. We are dedicated to bringing you the best scales and precision metrology equipment from the world's top manufacturers. We back this up with exceptional customer service, same day dispatch, and fast delivery within the USA. In 2016 Acme opened new doors by adding a Metrology Division. We, along with our trusted partners, can manage the calibration of most precision measurement equipment including dimensional, mechanical, electronic, and temperature devices.


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